Changing My Legal Name w/ CapitalOne, Southwest Airlines & Identity Guard

In this age of identity theft and data insecurity, changing one’s name is an unpleasant and time consuming task. Which is why I put it off until my driver’s license expired. I had to do a lot of hunting to track down the information I needed, and spend a lot of time randomly jabbing numbers on interactive phone systems in my quest. There are a lot of posts about name changes in general, but I was unable to find a number of specifics online. Some of the information below is specific to Colorado, but much is specific only to individual companies.

To change your name due to marriage in Colorado– (this kind of name change is free, and does not involve petitioning the court).

This one is fairly easy, as long as you have current government issued ID and an official copy of your marriage license.
Step one is the Social Security office. You can find your local office here.  This part is free. All you need is your ID and marriage license.

Step two is the DMV. YOU CAN GO TO ANY LOCATION! YAY! Unlike registering your car, you can hit any location in the state, rather than the country you legally reside in. This one costs the same amount as renewing your driver’s license regularly would. Again, you need your ID and marriage license, and I would advise at least 48 hours AFTER your visit to the Social Security office. The name change has to propagate through the system- you do not need to have your new Social Security card in your possession.

Changing your name with different organizations ranges from simple to nearly impossible. Buy lots of stamps, because you are going to have to do some letter writing. Due to security concerns, most places will not allow name changes through a website.


Capital One Banking

This one was the worst to get information for. If you have only online accounts, you do not have to show up in person, regardless of what they tell you. Also, the phone number for the correct department to ask about accounts that aren’t linked to a physical branch location. 888-810-4013

After many phone calls and transfers, this is what I learned:

–          A copy of your official  marriage license (the copy does not need to be official, but should show the information from the Clerk and Recorder’s office on it). I also included a copy of my new driver’s license, as my license doesn’t show anything of my new name.

–          Signed letter of instruction with your account number(s) or Social Security Number, old name and address, new name and address, and a sentence saying you were recently married and need your name changed on your account.

Fax that to 877-650-3528 or mail everything to:
Capital One Bank
P.O.Box 4199
Houston, TX 77210-4199


Southwest Airlines RapidRewards

I never would have guess that airline mileage rewards account would be something that required so much effort to change.

Direct from the Southwest Airlines site…
“For security purposes, we do not allow name changes online. Instead, you can forward your Rapid Rewards account number, along with photocopies of legal documents (driver license, marriage certificate, etc.) and an informal letter indicating your legal name. Please allow four weeks for processing.”

Mail all of that to:
Rapid Rewards
P.O. Box 36657
Dallas, TX 75235. 


Identity Guard

This one makes  a lot of sense as to why you can’t change your name online. They tell you to call, but when you call, they make you write it all down and send it that way.

– A copy of marriage certificate or updated driver’s license.

– Signed letter of instruction with your member number, old name and address, new name and address, and a sentence saying you were recently married and that your account name needs to be changed.

Fax to 866-692-3300 or mail it all to:
Identity Guard
P.O. Box 222455
Chantilly, VA 20153