Where the magic happened.

Another thing that set our wedding apart, was the venue we chose for the ceremony. We got married in a meadow outside of Evergreen. The cost was totally free, since we had fewer than 50 people attending. If you plan on having more than, as long as the event isn’t held for profit, you can apply for a free event permit. The full list of rules and regulations for the area we are going to be [Jefferson County Colorado Open Spaces] are an easy web search away.

Most places have open spaces that can be used for such an event. The rates required vary significantly, and making your family stand in field or hike up a mountain isn’t for everyone, but it worked for us. We wanted to be married before God and family, and outside surrounded by family is about as close as we could get. There’s no roof to block the view or anything.

We chose to get married in the north meadow of Alderfer/Three Sisters park in Evergreen. This spot was particularly appealing, as it has abundant parking, is very flat, and is only a short walk to a beautiful backdrop to say our vows.  There is also a raised hard-packed berm that made it easy for a guest in a wheelchair to get out there. (Or stroller, etc.) Another couple was married there a few years ago, and I was able to find pictures of their wedding via Google. I found that Google Earth often has pictures of events that have been geotagged, so that is another good resource to figure out what things could look like.

Before settling on Alderfer, we looked into some of the more secluded parks and historical sites near Denver. A lot of the city government websites in Colorado maintain lists of places that might be suitable for a wedding, and prices/availability is easy to obtain, if people answer their phones! Just keep trying if they don’t-they can’t hide forever.

I would also advise finding a backup location to say the whole “I Do” thing. Colorado in particular is so unpredictable, so we have been asking around a local churches if we could reserve an hour or so in the morning. We are planning on a late-morning ceremony, so we don’t have that much competition.

A few images of our wedding site…
(Images courtesty of LiefdePhotography.com)

There is also a neat old barn that makes for an excellent backdrop.