Changing My Legal Name w/ CapitalOne, Southwest Airlines & Identity Guard

In this age of identity theft and data insecurity, changing one’s name is an unpleasant and time consuming task. Which is why I put it off until my driver’s license expired. I had to do a lot of hunting to track down the information I needed, and spend a lot of time randomly jabbing numbers on interactive phone systems in my quest. There are a lot of posts about name changes in general, but I was unable to find a number of specifics online. Some of the information below is specific to Colorado, but much is specific only to individual companies.

To change your name due to marriage in Colorado– (this kind of name change is free, and does not involve petitioning the court).

This one is fairly easy, as long as you have current government issued ID and an official copy of your marriage license.
Step one is the Social Security office. You can find your local office here.  This part is free. All you need is your ID and marriage license.

Step two is the DMV. YOU CAN GO TO ANY LOCATION! YAY! Unlike registering your car, you can hit any location in the state, rather than the country you legally reside in. This one costs the same amount as renewing your driver’s license regularly would. Again, you need your ID and marriage license, and I would advise at least 48 hours AFTER your visit to the Social Security office. The name change has to propagate through the system- you do not need to have your new Social Security card in your possession.

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