Making Our Wedding…Ours. Letting Our Personalities Shine Through.

One of the categories that I found that I had a hard time not going crazy with, were those little wedding details like favors, and so on. While I was planning, every one who had been involved with a wedding told me that the longer the engagement, the more expensive and complicated things would become.

Since we had a relatively short engagement ( a little over four months) there wasn’t a whole lot of time for things to get out of control. There were a few things that we decided we wanted to do though.

Some receptions have wedding favors for all of the guests-others do not. I am not sure what the protocol is, or when the situation calls for it. A lot of the favors I have received at weddings were sweet, but when I got home, I wasn’t always sure what to do with them. A wineglass monogrammed with someone else’s initials is something I see often at Goodwill. The same goes for picture frames, throw blankets and stationery. We really wanted something that was going to be genuinely useful.


For a few years now, I have been the informal designer for custom lipbalms, sold by a company out of Fort Collins, Colorado. StampWorldOnline sells all sorts of customizable products (I’m pretty sure they sell everything), and their lipbalms are made by Sweets Cosmetics with all-natural ingredients.  I got to design the label, and pick the flavor. For anyone who doesn’t already design their labels, customers get to chose their flavor and have a label custom-tailored to their request. They range in cost from about $1.80 to $.90, depending on the volume of the order.

Picture of custom sunflower lipbalm While I’m no commercial photographer, you can see that the label is unique to us.